Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Think I'll start with a quote today......

"Great things can be achieved by leading through wisdom, empathy, and integrity - with no other agenda than humanity."
-Richard Branson

This new project is growing.  After making more Flag Day kits today, I rewarded myself with adding to this wall hanging.

And then I've been making a block or two a day of this new quilt that I think will make a good Fall quilt.  I believe I will call it Birds of a Feather.

These photo's today are from our stop in Shipshewana.  This is a quilt top in an Antique store...….a scrappy string quilt.

A bit of information on the history of Shipshewana. This was such an enjoyable stop we made to this Amish community.

This must be referring to our sewing time!!!  On another note, our local family took Bruce's 90 year old dad to the rodeo this past week end.  This gave us all a great deal of happiness!  He was bright eyed until the last minute we returned him to the assisted living at 11:30 p.m.

This is just another of the quilt tops for sale.  And interesting Maple Leaf.

One evening we ate at an Amish restaurant where we enjoyed some family style home cooking.  It was a cool rainy evening and it was just what we needed.  This quilt block print was hanging in the hall.  I took a picture, because it would be a great thing to do with some quilt blocks.


  1. Norma, I love getting your emails and seeing your art and the art that captures your interest. Thank you for sharing your time and talents and for inspiring others!

  2. Love how it pleased EVERYONE to make your father-in-law happy. Good times, good family.

  3. Norma, have you developed a pattern for the quilt that you show here that you said you may call Birds of a Feather? It looks like it is a gorgeous quilt when finished! Thanks! Hugs, H