Monday, October 29, 2018

Harvest Blessings.....

This time of year encourages us to count our many blessings.  For me they are almost too many to count!  I've been renewing my list, and all of you that read my blog and write me little kind notes are on it!

This is the pattern for today's give away.  Harvest Blessings will go to the first person to email me at 
These are blessings we've received so generously over the years, and can experience the joy in sharing them with others. 

This is the new quilt I've been working on.  And I've spent many happy days doing so.  I'm pondering a name for it.  Any ideas?  Let me know.  I really love the simple nine patch, and there is so much you can do with it.  I think this would be a knock out on a bed, but I am not making it that large. I believe it will measure 54 inches x 72inches.  The Diamond Textiles in this quilt is what makes it so warm  and country cozy looking.

Scraps...…..glorious leavings from other projects, just waiting to be used!!  I even was able to part with a few of them to help in enhancing my neighbors scare crow costume.  These are all of the home spun variety.

More scraps being collected for various projects...….loving that nothing is discarded!

These are a basket of 2 inch strips.  I dug through this basket when making my house quilt.

How many of you were inspired to make houses?  If you did, please send me your photos, and we will have a show and share!

Here is a basket of one inch strips, these have contributed to all of the tiny log cabins in the Autumn kits.  Eventually I hope to find the time to make one of those little blocks every day, and have a small autumn colored log cabin quilt.

This basket holds 1 1/2 inch strips.  I have baskets all over the place holding fabric, strips or scraps waiting to be cut the right size for projects. are jars of small wool scraps!  Now you know that I'm a scrappy kind of girl, but I'm a peaceful one! :-)

Now for some words of wisdom from 'Sweet Dolly,'  "Storms make trees take deeper roots." -Dolly Parton

Have a happy hearted and grateful week!


  1. Hi Norma there wow you have plenty to keep you busy...and loads of scraps..:)

  2. What fabulous, organized scrappiness! I did not make a House Quilt so I've nothing to share. Your giveaway project is one of my favorites of your designs. Have a wonderful day!

  3. How about "nines align" for your lovely new quilt?

  4.'s not easy to think of a name for this one...when I look at it, it kind of reminds me of a gameboard...not necessarily checkers...but simply a style of gameboard....add in homespuns, and I'm thinking maybe..."Colonial Gameboard" or "Colonial Checkers"? Or, simply "Game Changer"? "Camping under the stars"? Either ways....always enjoy your designs! :-)

  5. " Contentment in Symmetry" that's what I thought when I first saw your new quilt. I love your scraps. Janice G

  6. How about " Old Thyme Prairie " lol it just popped into my head.

    Love all your quilts and scraps... Enjoy, Janie

  7. How about “Star Crossed” for a name. Whatever you name it, it is a beauty. Like Janie, I love all your work.